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The Secret to your Best Fitness Ever is in your DNA

Introducing a real breakthrough in optimal personal fitness. It's called fit by design™ and it uses the power and precision of DNA testing to help us create the perfect workouts, nutrition, weight management, supplementation and motivational plan just for you. Your genetic information, gathered painlessly and quickly from your saliva, is now your gateway to optimal health.

With fit by design™ you can achieve results that last your lifetime. You can eliminate the guesswork and label-reading that currently guide your basic nutrition decisions about what to eat. You can focus on specific exercises that works best for your unique body type. And you can save money on supplements that work against your DNA and your progress. Dr. Aimee & Associates helps you seamlessly incorporate the results of your DNA testing into your daily routines.

Test your fit IQ here

Can you answer these five questions correctly?

  1. Is is possible to get in better shape by exercising less?
  2. Can you gain weight on a low calorie diet?
  3. Can you get different results from someone else using the same supplement?
  4. Can your current exercise/workout routine make you fat?
  5. Is it possible to eat more and still lose weight?

The simple answer to all five questions is "yes."

Your DNA test will be 99 percent accurate. Thanks to this incredible accuracy, we can tell you exactly what to do, eat and take to achieve maximum personal fitness. If you want to avoid wasting your time and energy playing guessing games with your weight loss management and fitness, it's time to discover fit by design™. It's the clearest, most accurate roadmap to your personal fitness achievement available.

And you'll find exactly what you need to tune up your body, your fitness and your self-confidence at Dr. Aimee & Associates. Here, you will also discover nutrition counseling, healthy menu planning and an array of weight loss management and wellness evaluation services right here at Chicagoland’s leading integrative health practice, Dr. Aimee & Associates, in the heart of Bloomingdale, IL. Our patients also come from Addision, Il, Carol Stream, IL, Schaumburg, IL and Bartlet, IL.

Learn the real secret to optimal personal fitness, healthy menu planning, weight loss management and wellness evaluation with Dr. Aimee & Associates. Call us at 630-980-1400 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

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