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No matter who we are, life never stops presenting us with challenges and obstacles. To succeed in life, each of us must overcome these challenges. Fortunately, every one of us has the ability to succeed. We just need the skill. Each one of us holds the key to our individual success. We just need help unlocking it.

Sometimes we lose sight of our abilities and forget the fact that we can succeed if we put our minds to it. Even our skills can be obscured by life’s challenges. But with just a few positive changes, we can each attain incredible success. Here at Dr. Aimee & Associates, that’s what we aim to do. Our goal is to empower you to realize your abilities, overcome your individual challenges and hurdle your obstacles.

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Aimee Harris-Newon - PsyD, DABPS, CHt

Dr. Harris-Newon is a double board certified integrative psychologist, entrepreneur, international best-selling author, speaker, and master success coach. She's considered an expert in integrative living and believes in a holistic approach to life-treating the body, mind and spirit. She leads very successful multi-location practices, serving clients locally and nationally. Her multidisciplinary practices focus on wellness, preventive care and coaching to help people live healthier, happier and more satisfying lives. What makes her truly unique and exceptional is her broad and deep skill set and her approach to health and wellness. As the founder and director of Dr. Aimee and Associates, The Center for Integrative Health and Wellness and Mind and Body Total Wellness, Dr. Harris-Newon and her team of experts don't just treat symptoms, they solve health problems, create better outcomes and change lives. As a coach, Dr. Harris-Newon has worked with individuals and corporations including FedEx, UPS, McDonald's and Red Bull. Dr. Harris-Newon is a frequent speaker at Harvard University. She is the host of the radio show Mind Over Matters on AM 560 and she is regularly featured on television news shows such as ABC, NBC, and FOX.


American Board of Psychological Specialties (DABPS)


Illinois School of Professional Psychology


Clinical Psychology, Illinois School of Professional Psychology


Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago

Certified Sports Psychologist:

National Institute of Sports


Clinical Psychologist, State of Illinois


Life Insurance Producer; Licensed Loan/Mortgage Originator (past); Licensed Investment Representative; Real Estate Investment Education


Life Success Coaching and Consulting Program; Certified Hypnotherapist

Graduate:Investools PhD Program (stocks, options and advanced options)


American Psychological Association, National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, American College of Forensic Examiners; National Guild of Hypnotherapists

Community Involvement:

Dr. Aimee is involved in the following organizations: Greater Chicago Food Depository; Metropolitan Family Services; Hanover Township Social Services; Classroom to Career Connection Scholarship program.In her spare time, Dr. Aimee enjoys playing the saxophone, boating, downhill skiing and working out. She also loves reading, listening to music (mostly jazz) and the arts.

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Salvatore (Sam) Battaglia - DC

Dr. Salvatore (Sam) Battaglia was born and raised in the Chicago-land area. He graduated from Fenwick College Preparatory High School in Oak Park in 1991 and attended University of Arizona, on a hockey scholarship. After sustaining a shoulder injury on the ice, he sought treatment from the team Chiropractors. Dr. Battaglia was astonished at the speed of his recovery, particularly when compared to other teammates who sought treatment through traditional allopathic medicine. This experience inspired Dr. Battaglia to undertake the study of chiropractic medicine. Dr. Battaglia has been treating musculoskeletal pain/injuries since 2000 with Chiropractic / Physical Therapy and ancillary alternative methods (i.e. Graston technique, Acupuncture, Active/Passive Release Technique, and many other Physiological Therapies). Dr. Battaglia began utilizing the ARP Wave Therapy in 12/2013 and has never seen such dramatic positive subjective and objective results as with the ARP Wave protocols. He has personally seen the ARP Wave prevent and avoid surgery. The muscle eccentric/concentric contraction rate of 500 times per second can dramatically increase blood flow and healing rates; as well as strengthening above and beyond what traditional Physical Therapy can offer at only 2 times per second. The ARP Wave gives a patient an opportunity to get out of pain quicker, return to active pain-free ADL’s sooner, and prevent recurring chronic pain/injuries due to the superior strengthening protocols.

Today, Dr. Battaglia’s extensive knowledge of healing, combined with his personal experience in practice has allowed him to sharpen his extraordinary recuperative powers, thus enabling him to shepherd his patients back to good health so they may also pursue their dreams.


Human Biology and Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, National University of Health Sciences


Exercise and Sports Sciences, University of Arizona  

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Eliza Bernas - MD

Family Medicine

Dr. Eliza Bernas is a seasoned family medicine physician who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her patients. She practices a holistic, integrative approach to health and wellness, with an emphasis not only on treatment, but on prevention and cure. She is able to thoroughly diagnose and treat her patients using the very best approaches from traditional western medicine, functional medicine, and complementary eastern philosophies and treatments. Dr. Bernas believes in and values a collaborative approach to working with her patients and treatment tea to support a patients care and progress. She listens closely to her patients needs and takes the time to practice what we call "Dedicated Medicine," an approach that values the person and honors their needs. Her patients and treatment team have described her as "warm, engaging, attentive and thorough." Dr. Bernas works closely with her patients to educate them about all of their treatment options to create a roadmap to great health together.


University of Santo Tomas, Manilla, Phillippines


University of Illinois, Rockford, IL


Licensed Physician, Licensed Physician Controlled Substance  

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Damian Davis - DC


Chiropractor Physician

Dr. Damian Davis comes to Dr. Aimee & Associates with a broad and deep knowledge of Integrative Healthcare. Trained as a chiropractic physician, Dr. Davis has studied and practiced chiropractic medicine and believes in a holistic approach to treatment. He is able to draw from a wealth of clinical and academic experiences to bring his patients the very best that holistic integrative medicine can offer. He believes in creating a customized treatment approach with all of his patients. He works closely with other treatment providers when needed. His patients feel understood, cared for, and can always trust that they will receive treatment that will accelerate their health and wellness.

Dr. Davis additional areas of expertise include:

- Diversified Technique
- McKenzie Technique
- Rocktape FMT 1&2
- Kinesio Taping
- Functional Rehabilitation
- Nutritional Counseling
- Sports Rehabilitation
- Therapeutic Massage Therapy

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Noor Fatima Husain - MD, Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine

Doctor Noor Fatima Husain is certified through the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurolgy. She completed her residency from Rosalind Franklin University and her fellowship in Sleep Medicine from University of Wisconsin-Madison. She also has a VHA advanced fellowship in Women's Health.

Her niche is treating patients with neuropsychiatric issues.  She believes in using a holistic approach that addresses the whole person - body, mind, and spirit. She likes to integrate conventional and alternative therapies to prevent and treat diseases such as depression, anxiety, bipolar affect disorder, insomnia, sleep apnea, PTSD (war veterans, MST, sexual assault survivors, domestic violence survivors), fibromyalgia, ADHD, LGBTQ related conditions, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, psychosis and dementia..

Her goal, apart from medication management, is most importantly to promote optimal health and to provide education, support, and empowerment to the families whose loved ones suffer from the above mentioned conditions. 

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Bharat Kalra - Yoga & Alternative Therapies

Yoga & Alternative Therapies

Bharat Kalra is a native of India. He and his family migrated to the United States in 2007. He has over 15 years of wellness experience. Bharat is a licensed massage therapist and Reiki master. His unique healing style comes from his passion to honor the body, acknowledge the mind and to become one with the universe. Bharat offers body, mind and energy healing through his guided meditations sessions, massage therapy and energy work. It is best expressed by his motto "protect enthusiasm," which he defines as the most important element for individuals to discover the root cause of their issues. Bharat’s innate Eastern philosophy spills over and provides a platform for all to find peace within themselves. His clients leave with a sense of love, peace and clarity in each session. Through this cooperative approach, Bharat is able to share his wisdom and help others achieve their brightest and fullest desires.



Swedish • Deep Tissue • Trigger Point • Myofascial Release • Lymphatic Drainage • Aroma Therapy • Sports Massage • Indian Head Massage


Reiki • Craniosacral Therapy • Reflexology


Yoga Techniques that deal with body, mind and energy issues: Breathing • Guided Meditation
Technique that deals with body and energy issues: Cold Laser  

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Rebecca Lepoff - M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

Rebecca joins our practice as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 15+ years’ experience in medical and mental health settings working with diverse populations; demonstrated clinical strengths in crisis intervention and practicing evidence based therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.   

Rebecca’s passions include working with people with anxiety, depression, mood disorders, grief/loss, food and weight issues such as stress and emotional eating, food addiction and body image, and life changes/transitions.   


Rebecca earned her Bachelor's degree from Fort Lewis College in 2005 and her Masters of Social Work from California Statue University in May of 2002.  

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Mariapaz "Patti" Lorenzo - LPC

Child, Adolescent and Adult Therapist

Ms. Lorenzo is a seasoned therapist whose experience and expertise includes working with children, adolescents, and adults. Her broad skill set and extensive training allow her to build rapport quickly with her clients and easily assess their needs in a safe, balanced and collaborative way. As an integrative therapist, Ms. Lorenzo is adept at incorporating various treatment modalities including: cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, client centered therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, interpersonal and transpersonal psychology, and health psychology. She tailors her caring and therapeutic approaches to her client’s individual needs to assure that they receive the very best care possible

State Licensed:


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Arita Sego - M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

“I believe life is a journey.  Along the way, we are all thrown some really amazing things and some really hard and painful things.  How we deal and cope with these is what can make the journey a positive challenge.  My ultimate goal in providing therapy to clients is to assist them in their ability to cope and deal with what life throws them, the easy and the challenging.”  

Ms. Sego uses a variety of therapeutic modalities and approaches in her work with clients such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Adlerian Therapy, Mindfulness, and Psychodynamic Therapy to mention a few.  She has an open and non-judgmental approach and believes we are all in the process of personal growth.  

She has extensive experience working with adolescents and adults.  Some areas of concentration include:  ADHD, anxiety, anger management, behavior management, chronic pain, coping skills, depression, grief/loss, relationships, self-injury, self-esteem, and transitions in life. She has worked in a residential treatment facility, a hospital psychiatric unit, a child welfare agency, the schools and private practice.  She enjoys working with all ages as they continue to grow.


She earned her B.S. from Northern Illinois University in 1985 and her M.S.W. from UIC - Jane Addams College of Social Work in May of 1993.  

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Hetal Shah - MD

Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine

Hetal Shah, MD is a highly personable, competent and multilingual Internist recognized for excellence in Primary care and Functional Medicine.  As highly trained, board certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine. She recognizes that every patient is unique. She provides comprehensive and compassionate care and develops lasting relationships with patient and their immediate families. She incorporates Functional Medicine to address the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach and engages patients in a therapeutic partnership. Her approach is an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century. By shifting the traditional disease-centered focus of medical practice to a more patient-centered approach, Functional Medicine addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms.  She spends time with her patients, listens to their histories and looks at the interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex, chronic disease. She develops personalized, systems-oriented model that empowers patients to achieve the highest expression of health by working in collaboration to address the underlying causes of disease with a Holistic and Integrative manner. Dr.Hetal Shah, completed her bachelor education in Medicine from India and subsequently her masters training from St. Joseph’s hospital, affiliated with Northwestern University, Chicago. Upon graduation she has been practicing Medicine in private practice since 2001.  She has been involved in teaching and training medical residents, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. She has realized the changes in development of chronic diseases and impact of Obesity on health and healthcare system. Over the years she has helped many patients understand the influence of nutrition, poor life style, diet, stress and behavior on their health and diseases.

Special Interests

Diabetes and Prediabetes, Insulin Resistance, Fatty Liver, Weight management,  Dietary and Nutritional counseling, Digestive issues, irritable bowel syndrome, GERD, chronic constipation, Celiac disease Thyroid disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Perimenopause and menopause, PCOS, Erectile Dysfunction, Migraine, Food sensitivity and allergies,  Adrenal Fatigue, stress management, Chronic Fatigue, sleep apnea,  Insomnia, Preventive care, Autoimmune disorders.

Certifications and Affiliations

American Board of Internal Medicine, Certified
American Board of Obesity Medicine, Certified
Member of Institute for Functional Medicine
Member of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
Member of American Medical Association
Affiliated with Northwest Community Hospital, Arlington Heights, IL

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