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Success Stories for Aimee Harris-Newon

Dr. Aimee is amazing! She is very easy to talk to. I feel like I have know her for years. She makes you feel important and very comfortable and willing to let her into your life, know your experiences (both good and bad). I am a different person today than I was when we met 8 months ago. I am where I am at today because of her and I am very grateful to have met her.
" I really felt empowered after our last meeting. You have really helped me tremendously in just a short time. I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me and my family." ~ K.A.
Dr. Aimee, I can't thank you enough for working with me the past few weeks. With your help I have been able to head the fear that has held me back and have flourished even in this short time. I know that it is alot of work to do but I know I am able to see the goals that I want to strive for and I KNOW that they are attainable. I look forward to continuing our sessions and discussing the endless possibilities that are out there. By the way I got up the hill this morning!!! Gear 1 on the left, gear 1 on the right. BELIEVE ~ Mike A.
The entire time I was there, their entire attention was focused on me. I felt very cared for. Their office was one of the quietest, most peaceful places I've ever visited. I was able to relax very easily. They didn't rush my appointment at all. I was able to say everything I needed to say. I've never received better advise from anyone else. It was sound, helpful and completely unbiased. ~ Anonymous
I highly recommend Aimee Harris-Newon for anyone who is looking for sensible input on how to find peace with the challenges they face no matter what that may be. ~ L.J.
If I wouldn't have come here, I would have been in so many more arguments, you wouldn't believe it! I don't think Dr. Aimee realizes just how much she has helped me. ~ A.O.
Ever since I’ve been coming here it’s been very inspirational and totally life-changing. This past year of my life has made me better and stronger because of Dr. Aimee. It's just amazing. ~Anoymous
I started to see Dr. Aimee for some family issues I couldn't seem to figure out how to handle. I was going through a very difficult time with my family and having to learn boundaries. During this time Dr. Aimee really helped me become much stronger and taught me how to use boundaries. Along with this she helped me use techniques in changing all the negative behavior and thoughts in my life into positive. Using these techniques and boundaries to benefit myself and then in return the people around me. This change was very challenging and difficult at times but she really carried me through and I came out 100% stronger and unknowingly preparing myself for one of the most difficult times in my life! I went through an awful loss of someone very special to me and at the same time my marriage was falling apart and heading for divorce with 5 children. This divorce cost me everything! It cost me mentally, physically, and financially. If it wasn't for Dr. Aimee and all her teachings I can honestly say I would have never made it through!! I somehow kept the faith during the worst of times and continued to grow and become stronger than ever. Dr. Aimee treats her patients as individuals with absolutely no judging. She has a true talent for switching even the worst of times into a positive life lesson that fuels you to move on and make the changes needed while never losing hope. Her knowledge in EVERYTHING has been amazing. I learned something every time I walked into her office. I know she is always there and even though this is her job, she does it from her heart. I can't say enough wonderful things about her. ~ RLL
Sincere, caring, knowledgeable, confidential, high levels of integrity and energy are just a few of the ways to describe Dr. Aimee. My initial session with her made me feel secure and confident that she would be a geat psychologist. I started going to her when my partner and I were having problems. From day one, Dr. Aimee picked up on the dynamics and issues in our relationship and helped us deal with them to conclusion. I continued to see Dr. Aimee on an individual basis. She was able to transition from our previous sessions (couple of sessions) to my individual concerns. It became obvious to me that my well-being was important to her. I stopped seeing Dr.Aimee because we decided together that I no longer needed to be there. She provided me with numerous strategies to handle anything that came my way. I know that if I ever need her again, she is only a phone call away. Confidentiality is also important to Dr. Aimee. It came to my attention that a couple of people I know also see Dr. Aimee (through conversations with those people). Yet Dr. Aimee never mentioned anyone else or even suggested that she knew we were acquaintances. ~ Anonymous
When I was feeling really low, I always felt much relief and a direction when I left Dr. Aimee. When I was looking for a therapist I wanted someone who would really get involved... give me input, whether it was what I wanted to hear or not, I did not want someone who just listened. And that was Dr. Aimee. Extremely professional, compassionate, great listener with wonderful advice...AND what a memory! Remembers things that were said prior really makes you feel great and that she listens and gets what you’re feeling and KNOWS what to say and do to help you!! I think back over many conversations and certain words or phrases that Dr. Aimee woud say and that still helps me through ...even ’til today! ~ Anonymous
If I could see Dr. Aimee every week I would. She has provided me the tools to be stronger, to like myself again and most importantly, to no longer allow others make me question who I am. She has taught me many different ways to stay positive and to not allow my mind to go back to those bad/hurtful experiences, to keep the past in the past because that's where it belongs. It's time to learn from each experience and move forward. You can see the passion in her eyes and the desire to help, the desire to be that one person who can help you believe it’s going to be okay, it is going to get better. She is awesome! My time with Dr. Aimee Harris-Newon has been nothing short of life changing. With her help, I’m continuing to conquer fears and reach life goals. I can’t imagine anyone who would not benefit from time spent with this positive, life-affirming psychologist/life coach! ~ Carol B.

Success Stories for Noor Fatima Husain

"Alberto is the only one of several therapists I'd seen who was able to help me make lasting positive changes in my relationships and life choices. He was able to break through my history of abuse and drama so I could learn to trust myself and others, and yet set needed boundaries. He's incredibly skilled, tough but compassionate, and won't let you waste your time. I'm very grateful for the huge difference he's made in my life." — T.H.
"It has been a real pleasure for me to find Alberto, It’s not often that one encounters a culturally proficient therapist who is aware of issues that gay men confront. I can say without question that he carefully considers the role that he plays in the lives of his patients. Alberto is kind, insightful, and has a remarkable ability to be thoughtful. As a gay, Latino male, I feel fortunate to have a therapist who genuinely cares about his patients, and works hard at creating a safe and caring environment where healing can be possible." — J.C.
"I have been in sessions with Alberto for nine months now. He is highly skilled, understanding & wise. I am 41 and working through about 35 years worth of repressed feelings and chaos. With Alberto's help I now understand a great many things about myself and I am finally getting the opportunity to break free and be the better man I want to be. I would recommend his services to anyone that is tired of being tired, sick of feeling lost and disconnected from themselves or the world around them." — Matt K.
"In a short period of time Alberto helped me realize, understand and address the issues in my past that were holding me back. In working through these issues I made an incredible shift in my life and my whole energy and well being changed. Opportunities opened up to me that I had never imagined. The timing was perfect and my life was completely synchronized. I am truly grateful for his assistance in helping me make this shift." — Tamie B.
"I came to Alberto in complete pain and desperation. My recent work with Alberto has been nothing short of a miracle. I have to dive in deep water, scared , with the feeling I am going to drown. Alberto reaches into the water with his mile long arm and I am pulled up inch by inch. I want it to be fast but it is actually slow and deliberate. I have never been more hopeful that I am finally going to heal. Thank you , Alberto." — Scott, a recovering alcoholic
"My gratitude to Alberto cannot be overstated. Alberto helped me plan and articulate my personal and professional goals. His work and encouragement continues to inspire and guide me through life’s difficult transitions and untimely surprises. He has transformed the lives of many and I am excited to see my life continuing to unfold thanks to his persistence and genuine commitment to my personal success." — Stephanie B.
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